Our People

Each of Bella Spur’s team members grew up doing chores on our families’ farms. Every day, we worked alongside our parents and siblings to care for the land, to care for livestock, and to produce food for others.

Our passion for agriculture and the rural way of life began before we were born, really. It started when our parents made the choice to raise their families on a farm. And so we make the choice every day to help more families stay in the country by helping them to successfully promote their businesses.

Bella Spur Innovative Media is dedicated to working with agribusinesses, livestock producers, local farmers and artisans, western lifestyle businesses and non-profit organizations to assist them with:

  • creating a strong brand
  • developing unique and effective print, web and social media campaigns, and
  • spending advertising budgets wisely

We believe agriculture is the noblest profession, and are honored to promote the people who feed the world.

Bella Spur is headed up by Laura Bodell and supported by a team of talented designers, programmers and message creators who are dedicated to our clients’ success.